Осмысленное путешествие / Thoughtful travel

Путешествие / Travelling

Travelling  топик по английскому.

Сложность — Intermediate (средний уровень).

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page- Saint Augustine. This quote shows how travelling is important. Question rises: why do people travel? In this essay, I will try to answer this question.

To begin with, I want to say that thoughtful travel is worth the time and money. Travel opens the wonders of the world, the beauty of the country you are travelling through. Hanging out with natives gives you the pleasure to broaden your horizon and dive into the culture of the country. Through communication with the people you understand the customs and traditions of the destination country better. It’s people that really make your experience vital. Moreover, you learn about the heroes and important people of the country and as a result, you enrich your inner world with historic events that are meaningful for other people. Maybe, you begin to understand your own country better. Travelling to exotic countries can be a daunting experience, but it can change the whole outlook and it is really valuable. There are some other pluses of travelling.  You get away from current situations and locations, enjoy new experience, learn new languages. Learning new languages can also exercise  your brain and save you from getting into prison in an unknown country.

To sum up, travelling is the best way to relax, learn something new, meet interesting and amazing people and get new ideas.


Useful vocabulary — полезные слова и выражения:

  • thoughtful travel is worth the time and money — осмысленное путешествие стоит времени и денег
  • opens the wonders of the world — открывает все чудеса мира
  • hanging out with natives — шататься с местными жителями
  • broaden your horizon — расширять кругозор
  • give smb the pleasure — приносить удовольствие
  • dive into the culture of the country — окунуться в культуру страны.
  • vital  — жизненный
  • enrich your inner world — обогащать внутренний мир
  • a daunting experience — пугающий опыт
  • change the whole outlook — полностью изменить взгляд
  • valuable — ценный
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