A project on popular ways of travelling in Zetland.

Эссе: графики, таблицы

Imagine that you are doing a project on popular ways of travelling in Zetland. You have found some data on the subject-the results of the opinion polls (see the table below)

Comment on the data in the table and give your opinion on the subject of the project.

Popular ways of travelling Number of respondents (%)
By car 40
By train 29
By bus 20
By plane 8
Hitchhiking 3

Write 200-250 words

Use the following plan:

  • make an opening statement on the subject of the project
  • select and report 2-3 facts
  • make 1-2 comparisons where relevant
  • outline a problem that can arise when travelling and suggest a way of solving it
  • conclude by giving your opinion on best way of travelling for you.

Recent studies show that people use different ways to travel around the world. To learn more about it, I have found some information on popular ways of travelling with people living in Zetland. As a part of my project, I have analyzed some data and come across some interesting findings.

According to the data presented in the table below, humans in Zetland choose different means of transport. The most preferred transport is related to roads and railways. The majority of respondents prefer travelling by car (40 %). It looks like people choose a  comfortable and cheap option. Almost a quarter of those surveyed choose bus to enjoy travelling (20%). Hitchhiking is the least popular way of travelling, only 3%.

It is noticeable that there is a substantial difference between the most favoured and the least favoured ways of travelling: cars are ten times popular than planes (40% and 8 % respectively) By comparison, the difference between the figure for train and bus is not so striking: it is less than 10%.

Although people in Zetland choose different ways of travelling, globally people use cars instead of public transport. It can cause traffic congestion in the cities. The best solution to this problem is to make public transport comfortable and decrease the prices of petrol to make public transport cheaper.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the best way to travel around the world is by plane because it saves the time which people can spend on sightseeing and strolling across narrow streets of other countries.


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