Mass Media

Mass Media

Mass Media топик по английскому

Сложность-Intermediate (средний уровень)

Mass media play a very paramount role in modern society. What is mass media? What does it include? Mass media consists of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books.  They give us useful information and news, fire our imagination, help to have an enjoyable free time and be aware of everything that is going on in the world. Mass media help adults and teenagers seek the information they need, for example, weather, sporting events, entertainment. People cannot imagine their lives without obtaining information every day and mass media are believed to be the best source for it.

There are tons of newspapers in the world. Some people think that newspapers go out of fashion but it can’t be so. I still believe that smart and business people read them. But they can do it online, subscribing to The Daily Telegraph, The Times  and so on.

Radio is another source of information. Radio stations broadcast music  of different styles. Weather forecast, sport news, talk shows, news are available in any radio station nowadays.

Our topic would not be complete without  television. It definitely overtakes radio and newspapers. Therefore,  it influences people’s mind and opinion. It depends on the people what programme to choose. A wide range of programmes are available to satisfy different tastes. They let people relax and help to forget everyday problems.

One of the most popular sources of information is the Internet. On the Net people can find different types of information, from news to online courses that offer you to graduate from the most prestigious universities.

On the whole, it is really hard to imagine humanity without mass media. That’s why we call the age we are living in is the Information Age or the Third Industrial Revolution.

Useful vocabulary — полезные слова и выражения:

  • play a very paramount role in modern society — играть важную роль в обществе
  • include —  включать (в себя)
  • consists of —  состоять из
  • give us useful information and news — давать полезную информацию и новости
  • fire our imagination -пробуждать воображение
  • be aware of — быть осведомленным
  • seek the information- искать информацию
  • obtaining information — получать информацию
  • go out of fashion — выйти из моды
  • broadcast music — передавать музыку
  • overtake — обогнать
  • influences people’s mind and opinion — влиять на умы и мнения людей
  • a wide range of — большой выбор
  • to satisfy different tastes — подходит ко всем вкусам
  • forget everyday problems — забывать повседневные проблемы
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