What can young people do to help protect and improve their local environment?

Writing Part 1 essay

In your English class, you have been talking different ways to protect the environment

Now your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.

Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view.

Essay question 

What can young people do to help protect and improve their local environment?


Write about:

  1. recycling things
  2. cycling or walking instead of using cars
  3. ………(your own idea)

Write your essay

Essay was written by Ekaterina Sosnihina

Improving the environment is becoming a more and more important issue nowadays. All people, including children and teenagers, should do everything possible to prevent their local environment from pollution as well as make it a better place for living.

First of all, young people can organise recycling process of rubbish in their own house. Step by step, they can start separating litter sending old things to reprocessing rather than to the dump. As a result, creating zero — waste life for themselves and their families becomes possible.

Taking care of the atmosphere, which is really sensitive to exhaust fumes, young people are able to choose bicycles or kick scooters instead of private cars. What is more, using public transport for longer journeys or even walking on foot reduces their carbon footprint.

For all those reasons, I believe that young people have a great variety of possibilities to enhance their local environment and create a better future with fresh air and water for the new generation.


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