One day excursion to a local place of interest

Writing Part 2 A report

You recently made a one-day excursion with your class to a local place of interest. Now the director of your college has asked you to write a report about it for senior teachers to read. You should explain what you did and say why you think the day was a success.


A historical day

The purpose of the trip

A week ago our class went the local museum which is located not far away from the centre of the town. The purposes of the visit were to see a giant lock and collect information for the school composition about smiths of the town.

What we did

We arrived at the museum in the morning and listened to the guide who told us an amazing story of a huge metal lock and a tiny metal flea. Then we had a lunch break at the local cafe and listened to the lecture about smiths.

The successful trip

Our visit was exciting because we saw the large lock which became an inspiration for our essays. Everyone was extremely interested in the excursion and the lecture. It broadened our outlooks and made us more versatile. What means that all of us can successfully write a composition about smiths of the past.

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