The most important thing in life is family

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It is impossible to imagine our life without family. Family is believed by many people to be the most important thing in their life while other people consider it differently. I would like to express my own opinion on this point of view.

I am in favour of the idea that family is the most essential part of people’s life. Firstly, everybody needs love, care and protection, parents, grandparents and relatives can really give all these things. Therefore, people do not feel lonely and sad. Secondly, family brings children up and provides them with education. Humans really should appreciate the fact that parents give them the chance to be not only rich and smart but good and honest, too. Finally, family passes traditions and life’s guidelines that humans use in the future. For example, it is an attitude to other people, family or children. It is really important for people’s life in society.

Some people think differently. They consider that family is not very significant in life and relatives just do not let people have high results.

I do not fully agree with above statement because I think that family helps to achieve aims and goals in life. Having some difficulties and problems, the support of loved ones can help to solve these problems and  achieve greater results than people might think.

In conclusion, I would like to say that family is the most significant thing in our life. It gives people everything and  surrounds humans with care and love that all people need.


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