Printed newspapers and magazines have no future

Printed newspapers and magazines have no future Эссе

Printed newspapers and magazines were very popular among children and adults. But the situation has changed now. Printed newspapers and magazines are believed to have no future. Other people disagree with that. Now I want to express  my point of view on this issue.

I am in favour of the idea that newspapers and magazines cannot exist in the future. Firstly, they are not interactive enough. As a result, the new generation is not interested in them and chooses TV instead of paper sources of information. Secondly, unlike the Internet, newspapers are not able to provide a wide variety of different opinions on one issue. More and more people are choosing online sources in order to know more about some kind of event and compare different views.

However, some individuals do not agree with this statement. They are sure that newspapers and magazines will stay popular because they are cheap.

I cannot share this point of view. I believe that TV and the Internet provide much more information than paper sources and you can get it for free.

In conclusion, I want to say because of the developing technologies newspapers and magazines may lose their popularity or even disappear.


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