Sport which will never make you bored

Writing Part 2 An Article

You see this announcement in an English — language magazine for teenagers.

A great way to spend your free time!

Tell us about a leisure — time activity you really enjoy.

How did you get started?

Why do you enjoy it so much?

Write your article

The article was written by Ekaterina Sosnihina

Sport which will never make you bored 

I first tried sport tourism when I was in kindergarten. I came here to visit my sister who had been doing this sport for around 5 years! And just before we left her coach offered me to try out the climbing wall, which seemed like a tempting offer.

I’ve been doing this sport for 8 years now and what I enjoy so much that it is unexpected. Even though you’ve trained every move, something can go wrong. Losing seconds from your overall time makes you go down the rating. I hate losing so I continue working and dealing with all my ups and downs.

Another point is that you will never learn all the tricks of this sport. It is changing so rapidly that it is even enjoyable to learn its rules over and over again studying new equipment and exploring new strategies.

It is not only practice but theory what makes this sport so attractive. You will never have such a feeling of “knowing all”, even if you are  a successful sportsman. On the other hand, it is a great chance for an ordinary person to spend his free time developing his mind and body skills.

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